Covid 19 Antibody Testing

We are now able to offer Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Diagnostic Testing in clinic

This rapid point-of-care antibody blood test detects two types of antibodies - IgG (past infection) and IgM (current/recent infection).

Benefits of antibody testing:

  • Clinical Sensitivity (Accuracy for COVID-19 antibody detection)– 98.66%*

  • Clinical Specificity – 99.82%

  • Rapid result with simple finger prick in approximately 10 minutes.

  • Easy in clinic testing for yourselves, your staff and your patients.

  • CE certified.

  • MHRA approved for healthcare professional use.


Assisting with your return to work strategy:

  • Knowing if you, your colleagues or your patients have had Coronavirus.

  • Helping to ensure a safe working environment.

  • Enabling you to offer additional services to your patients.


For optimum results, the test should be performed at 14 days or more following onset of symptoms. If a positive test result is obtained and there is a concern about a current infection, we advise performing a PCR Swab Test via the NHS and seeking medical advice.


We will not offer antibody testing to anybody who is presently symptomatic of the Covid19 virus.

Are rapid point-of-care type COVID-19 Antibody Tests (which we are using) MHRA approved to be sold?


The MHRA guidance in relation to the rapid point-of-care type of COVID-19 Antibody Tests such as the one we are supplying has not changed as these tests are being used in line with their CE certification, the approved sample type i.e. capillary blood extracted through a finger-prick blood sample and their approved intended use i.e. by a healthcare professional in a professional capacity.


The cost of this ten minute, CE and MHRA certified and approved test is just 




Please note: This in-vitro diagnostic device (IVD) is for healthcare professional use only and not regulated for home use.  Because of this we are unable to supply our kits for home use.

*Clinical Sensitivity based on clinical data study carried out on 1000 individuals at 14 days or more following onset of symptoms. The MHRA Target Product Profile requirements (as of 22.09.2020) for COVID-19 Antibody tests is a clinical study carried out on a sample size of a minimum of 200 individuals, 98% for both Clinical Sensitivity and Clinical Specificity on specimens collected 20 days or more following onset of symptoms. Clinical Sensitivity is the positive detection of COVID-19 IgG antibodies, these antibodies begin production at days 10-14 days following onset of symptoms and this increases incrementally, therefore this test exceeds the MHRA requirements.